Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

SpongeBob SquarePants

Hello ………..
On 26 may I was Posting About Spongebob and Barbie. And know I will posting about Spongebob Squarepants.

It’s your favorite cartoon??
If that’s right your favorite cartoon it’s same with me..
I really love spongebob. He is so funny,but sometimes some people think that spongebob just SQUARE and not funny.
Spongebob is a main caracteer in this cartoon. He’s A Chef and He’s use a square pants. He works at Krusty Krab. Which the owner that restaurant is Mr.Krab. And he really can make a delicious kraby patty.

He has a lot of friends. His friends are sandy cheek,Squidword,and people who live at bikini bottom.  Don’t forget he has a Best Friend Forever that’s is Patrick star. But I don’t know Squidword is spongebob best friend or just a neighbor and partner at krusty krab.
They love to catch a JelllyFish. Both of them always together.
This cartoon also have a Moral Value. The Moral Value is with our bestfriend must there when happy or sad.

Moral velue in episode :               
*episode when spongebob have to move from his house because his house have been eating by a lot of annelida. In there story Patrick doesn’t want his best friend move,so he try to make new house for gis best friend. But in the end spongebob must be move.. but is not happen when both of them is crying in the ground in spongebob house.

Sorry I’m only posting just spongebob..
Another day I’ll posting another people in bikini bottom.

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